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Why Generosity?

Generosity is really the “hidden gem” in the process of disciple-making. There is very little we do that does not require some type of financial decision. Do we go out to eat; do we grab a Starbucks on the way to work; do we buy the newest and more expensive athletic shoes or the ones from the clearance rack; do we buy a new car or a used car? If we’re honest with ourselves, we would all likely agree that we’ve experienced the allure of money at some point in our lives. 


For this reason, Jesus spoke often on the topic of our treasure (or money in today’s terms), our possessions, our attitude about our possessions, and in the end, who really owns everyone’s possessions. We only need to look to the story of the rich young ruler (Matt. 19:16–22) to realize that the stewardship of our resources is very important.


During the It’s Time initiative, we will talk a lot about generosity. It is important to understand that generosity impacts much more than just our money. Generosity is a by-product of our spiritual transformation. Jesus, who we know had little in the way of possessions, was the most generous person who ever lived. The stronger our relationship with Jesus grows, the more generous we become. Generosity is, without a doubt, a matter of the heart.

Ask Yourself

Over the next few weeks, as you look at and think about this ladder, ask yourself,

“Why is my generosity important to God?”


“Where on this ladder am I, at present?”


“By God’s grace, where would I really like to be?”

Assessing Your Financial Gift

Imagine the potential if everyone at Redeemer Community Church took a step up the ladder to increase their generosity. Together, let’s believe in Jesus as It’s Time for us to Build, Partner, and Go for the Gospel. Your generous giving is changing lives!


Before beginning any journey, you must identify two things: where you are and where you want to go. The Giving Ladder is your guide to increasing your generosity as the Holy Spirit leads you. Generosity happens one step at a time, like the rungs on a ladder. As you pray and discern how God would have you give during this time, ask God to inspire you and challenge you toward greater generosity because It’s Time for us to build, partner, and go.

Someone who gives extravagantly to the work of God’s kingdom.
Someone who sacrifices beyond the tithe by asking, “What am I not giving and why?”
Someone who intentionally gives 10% of their income as a tithe to the Lord.
Someone who gives regularly and consistently to God’s kingdom.
Someone who takes their first step of faith to give.

Two-Year Gift Chart

As you pray and seek God’s direction for how you should give, use this gift chart as a discipleship tool. Allow it to inspire and challenge you toward greater generosity. 

Gifts Needed
Two Year Gift Level
Annual Gift Level
Monthly Gift Level
Gift Level Total
Cumulative Total: $2,445,200

Commitment Form

Note: Please do not use commas in your numbers


Ways to Give

Cash or Check

Give by cash or check at our weekly services by placing your gift in the offering box in the lobby.


Click on the button below and you will be redirected to a simple giving form. It's easy and completely secure.


You can give using the Church Center Church mobile app. Download the app on iTunes or Google Play

Auto Give

Automatic Give through your bank is a great way to give regularly and consistently. Log-in to your online banking or contact your bank directly for additional instructions.


You can also give by texting any amount to 84321. This will take you to a website to choose Redeemer Community Church.

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