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Redeemer Family,

For nearly a dozen years, Redeemer Community Church has been proclaiming the gospel in our community and around the world. We take our mission to embrace and exalt the gospel quite seriously. It informs all we do and how we do it. 

Throughout our history, we have seen God transform lives, heal marriages, and develop leaders. From the very first days, God’s blessing on Redeemer has been evident. When I think about where we are now, and think back to where we began, I’m overwhelmed by God’s kindness to us. We didn’t have all the details figured out when we started. We just had a burning desire to live in gospel community and share the gospel in our community. God has brought growth far beyond what we had any right to expect. 

We are now ready to enter into a defining season for our church: one of radical generosity. We are calling our generosity initiative It’s Time, because we recognize the urgency of the moment as well as the tremendous opportunities God is giving us right now. We believe God will do a mighty work in us as a church—a work that will flow from us into our community, our country, and to the ends of the earth. Our primary prayer for It’s Time is 100% participation. We don’t want a single Redeemer family to miss out on the excitement and the challenge of being a part of what God is doing here. 

By the end of It’s Time, we will have witnessed many exciting moments. It will be exciting to see that new building rise out of the dirt. It will be exciting to see our partnerships with local churches expand and to send families overseas to plant new churches. But what excites me most is to see God move in real, powerful, unmistakable ways as we commit ourselves to Him.

It’s Time!

Josh Wredberg 
Pastor for Preaching and Leadership Development


“‘And Jesus came and said to them, All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.’”

—Matthew 28:18-20 (ESV) 

It’s Time!

When urgency meets opportunity

1. It’s Time to BUILD 

2. It’s Time to PARTNER  

3. It’s Time to GO 

Take Action

We’re asking everyone at Redeemer to pray, engage, and give in new ways during this season. As you consider your part in this vision, ask yourself: 


  • If someone were to look at how I use my time, energy, and money, what would they learn about my priorities?

  • Am I involved, relationally, in the lives of my neighbors? Are my interactions being shaped by the gospel?

  • What difference do I want my financial commitment to make in my own heart and life? Will my commitment pinch me, prod me, change me, allow me to meaningfully sacrifice for the mission of Jesus?

What is our plan and why are we doing this now?

It’s Time is a two-year initiative designed to strategically leverage our resources to make disciples of all nations, locally and abroad for the sake of Jesus Christ.

After spending 11 years laying a solid foundation, it’s time for us to build, partner, and go. 


God is giving us a greater sense of opportunity and urgency that now is the time for us to establish a permanent home in this community and to provide a space for future generations of Redeemer to meet for ministry. Beyond that, God is giving us new opportunities to partner locally (with the creation of South Wake Bible Institute and the Pillar Network) and globally (with churches in Ireland and Moldova) to see long-term gospel impact in those nations. It’s also time for us to send a team to the Balkans to begin church-planting and time for us to more strategically impact our own community. 


"It’s Time" is a recognition of the urgency of the moment as well as the tremendous opportunities God is giving us right now. From cover to cover we see the people of God stepping out in faith at strategic moments: Abraham being called out of Ur, Moses being sent back to Egypt, David gathering supplies for the temple, the apostles after the ascension of Jesus, and the church in Antioch in Acts 13. In each case, there was an intersection of opportunity and urgency — we are at that intersection right now as a church. 


Any lasting work of God requires joyful, strategic sacrifice on the part of God’s people. When God gave King David permission to gather the materials necessary to build the temple in Jerusalem, David invited the people to join him in giving God their best. He asked them, “Now who will volunteer to consecrate himself to the Lord today?” (1 Chronicles 29:5b CSB). God is inviting us into His work, and we join His work by giving ourselves fully to Him today; not next month or next year, but today. It’s time to respond to God’s invitation. It’s time to answer His call.

To demonstrate faithfulness and respond to God’s call, we recognize: 
It’s Time to Build

Pay off the remaining portion of the land on Wagstaff Road. 


Build a multipurpose space that can be used for weekly worship.


Build a facility to allow for weekday ministry, Bible study, and special events.

It’s Time to Partner:

Continue to support our church plants in Wisconsin and Sanford, and new church plants through the Pillar Network.


Develop our church partnerships in Brooklyn, Dublin, and Moldova.


Lead the ministry of South Wake Bible Institute to develop more local church partners.

It’s Time to Go:

Prepare and send a long-term team to the Balkans for church planting and mobilization.


Send short-term teams to work with partner churches in Ireland and Moldova.


Use a permanent building in Fuquay to develop new ways to serve and bless our local community. 

Bible Study 5.jpg


August 2008

First Sunday service held at Fuquay-Varina High School

October 2010

Moved to FVMS auditorium

February 2017

Joined the Pillar Network

September 2018

Started South Wake Bible Institute

November 2008

Officially chartered and accepted first members

March 2012

Moved into offices on Depot Street

April 2017

Sent Loggans family to serve at Christ Fellowship

December 2018

Purchased 12.5 acres on Wagstaff Rd

July 2009

First missions trip to visit the Perdue family

September 2016

Josh Wredberg returned to serve as Pastor for Preaching

January 2018

Planted Cornerstone Bible Church in Sanford, NC

June 2019

Sent the Gates family to serve in Montenegro

May 2010

Planted Christ Fellowship in Sun Prairie, WI

November 2016

Sent Janaye Sandberg to serve in the Middle East

April 2018

Transitioned to two Sunday worship services

Feb 2020 - Present

God preserved Redeemer through the Coronavirus pandemic

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